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News Release:  Open To The Public:  Contact: The girls go to school and between 4 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. go to sewing training at a building that is still being renovated to provide Free Wrap around social, case management, economic and education and other strengthened life skills training. Adult women sew at home until the building that is renovated is open. The girls are taking their economical situations into their own hands. Next Week, on November 17  at 6 p.m.they will present an Ubuntu Cultural Fusion Fashion Show to raise funds for the organization that helps them ( NMWGP/IRRVA), their families, other refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers resettling in New Mexico. They will make money from the crafts that they are creating and receive training stipends following the Show. Please donate by mailing a check or money payable to Immigrant and  Refugee Resource Village of Albuquerque. a 501 (c) 3 non profit. New Mexico Women's Global Pathways is now a flagship educational and job development program of IRRVA-;, Word Press NM Women's Global Pathways.
African young ladies find income in drumming

Artisans who helped establish New Mexico Women's Global Pathways

On their way to weekly Saturday enrichment including Read to Excel/tutoring

Immigrant and Refugee Resource Village of Albuquerque is a 100% volunteer driven African community-based organization that promotes social, economic justice and empowerment of African immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in New Mexico. They have lost everything- family, home and health. IRRVA was incorporated as a 501 c (3) in 2011. Most of the program participants served are widows, immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, victims of rape and torture. Our programs help families adjust to their new home, receive the training and support needed to be self-sufficient economically, educationally, socially and become leaders in their own societies. The majority reside in the Greater Albuquerque area, including the International District, and are from Africa, Asia, The Middle East, Haiti, Mexico, Cuba and the United States. 

Our main focus is to build strong financial futures for vulnerable children, their families and communities. Many refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, local low income marginalized families lack the earnings, resources, assets or social support systems that are necessary to meet their needs to thrive well. The majority of participants in our organization were born and raised in refugee camps, come from impoverished countries or are born and raised in New Mexico impoverished communities that are disconnected from the economic mainstream. The latter includes the homeless and those on the verge of homelessness.

Mission Statement

To promote empowerment and provide support to immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable under-served local people in Bernalillo New Mexico, in order to build healthy and productive children and their families, and will promote community involvement in supporting the needs of the families.

IIRRVA Family Support Services

Assist individuals and families gain access to safety-net programs that support personal and family well-being, and economic self-sufficiency including; Medical Assistance (Medicaid/Medicare), Food Banks, Adult Tutoring, Read To Excel/Tutoring for Youth, computer literacy training, Job Search, training in beading, Sewing and other needle art, Nutritional, Housing and Clothing Assistance, Access to legal services and emergency housing, Disability Benefits, Social  Security/Supplemental  Income,  Access to affordable housing/ assistance with evictions, Utility Assistance (LIHEAP), etc. Through interpretation, outreach, education and advocacy our family support program combats some of the most common barriers African and other world immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees face when navigating the American system; Not knowing where to get the information needed, misinformation, inability to communicate in English, and other cultural-specific barriers. In addition IRRVA provides direct services.

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