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NEW MEXICO WOMEN'S GLOBAL PATHWAYS AND IRRVA WORK NEW MEXICO WOMEN'S GLOBAL PATHWAYS AND IRRVA WORK Youth Choir in Albuquerque New Mexico Mentoring through teaching singing, performance, drumming and dance 205094341 Resilient Refugee Youth Some of the Mentees in our program 205094342 Drums of Hope Youth Healing Themselves Through African Drumming 205094343 Albuquerque's Own Matunda Ya Yesu African Youth Choir Singing songs of the struggle, hope and resilience 205094344 Our very young mentees Nurturing the children from infancy to young adultshood 205094345 Feeding Families Food Distribution on Thursday May 24 2018 205094346 Read To Excel ( Tutoring) By Albuquerque Academy Students 205094347 Tutoring By Albuquerque Academy Students Weekly Tutoring by Albuquerque Academy Students 205094348 Mentors of our youth At weekly tutoring 205094350 Mentoring at IRRVA./NMWGP Building relationships and nurturing youth through mentoring 205094351 Celebrating our youth At Tutoring 205094352 Celebrating Youth Resilience At Tutoring 205094353 Mentoring At Tutoring. 205094354 Caring For The Little Ones Forming lasting bonds with the children 205094355 Youth Mentorin Investing in Our Youth 205094357 Forming Friendships 205094358 Growing Our own Food Our garden in 2017 205094362 Transporting to nurturing activities Transporting Families To Enriching activities 205094363 Social Gatherings Breaking Bread at our economical development center 205094364 Social Gatherings at New Mexico Women's Global Pathways Monthly Social gatherings 205094365 Youth Mentoring Feeding Our Youth 205094366 Nurturing Our Youth Papa Lungile and Mama Nkazi feeding the children 205094367 Lunch after a long morning Nurturing the youth 205094368 Community support Antionette, Family and Friends sponsored this swimming event for our Village children 205094369 Community Support Antionette, her family and friends took our village children swimming 205094370 Youth Mentoring 205094371 Celebration Time Youth Nurturing 205094372 Tutoring Albuquerque Academy Students Tutor Youth 205094373 Our Village Youth Some of IRRVA program participants 205094374 Our Village Some of IRRVA and NMWGP program participants 205094375 Mentoring Mama Nkazi and Mentees 205094376 205094418 205094419 205094420 205094421 205094422 205094423 205094424 205094425 205094426 205094427 205094428 205094429 205094430 205094431 205094432

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