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In 1996 Lungile and Nkazi Sinandile (aka South African Orion Duet) a vocal husband-wife recording team started refugee outreach by staging Rwanda Civil War benefit fund-raisers to help identified genocide victims in Rwanda, and in 1997 brought a young Rwandan orphan to New Mexico with the help of New Mexicans. The couple continued to sing for the Glory of God while raising funds to benefit refugees, immigrants, asylees, and other under-served children and families in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as identified hiv/aids infected and affected orphans of their native land, specificly the Eastern Cape, South Africa, which is the couple's native land. In 2007 they had to slow down in concerts and serve the people while using their own funds.

In the year 2010 Immigrant and Refugee Resource Village of Albuquerque was born and became a non for profit Organization with several people who opened their wallets to support work being done. We are for now a volunteer driven Organization. We have received small grants here and there that helped us in different ways. We want to thank all those who are still helping us through PAYPAL and so on. All the funds received go directly to the work of helping refugees, immigrants, locals, and asylees.